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تنويه: انتقال مكتب وحدة اليوروميد الى عنوان جديد نود اعلامكم ان مكتب وحدة اليوروميد قد نقلت مكتبها من عمارة الإرسال الى مقر المجلس الأعلى للشباب و الرياضة، و أن (...)

"Cultural Exchange between Palestine and Cyprus" ended

Human Rights and Democracy Media Center, has hosted last week 10 Cypriot youth activists in Ramallah, through their EuroMed-funded project (...)

Yante ends up their community dance training project

Yante "Youth, Art and Levante" has finished their EuroMed funded project "I Can Move- Module I". This is an Action 3 project funded by EuroMed (...)

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